DIY Eurorack Synth Stuff

YuSynth VC LFO

It’s been a while since the last update, but progress has been made! One of the latest modules I’ve been working on is this wonderful voltage controlled LFO by YuSynth. As far as I can determine this is a VCO that generates a saw waveform which is then run thru some wave shapers to create a saw, triangle, pulse and sine wave.

I’ve made some modifications:

  1. I’ve powered it with +/- 12v instead of the +/- 15v.
  2. I’ve ommited the range switch section, after breadboarding it I found the range with the 1 uF cap quite sufficient.
  3. I also changed some resistor values to make sure the output is 10vpp around 0v for all waveforms.
  4. I rearranged the wave shapers a bit; the tri/sine section comes after the saw buffer, this way the tri/sine section outputs a 10vpp around 0v without the need for extra components.

In the YUSynth design there was 1 unused op-amp section; I’ve used that one to invert the saw into an extra ramp output.

Since I’m working on a new process to make faceplates, for the time being im using a temporary faceplate.