DIY Eurorack Synth Stuff


Well, my name is Gerbrand Sterrenburg and besides my daily job as a web developer, one of my many hobby’s is tinkering with electronics, especially designing & building Eurorack Synthesizer Modules. I enjoy testing, designing & building these modules. In the last couple of years I’ve build quit a few of ’em and this website is dedicated to them.


I’m not in any way, shape or form a trained Electronic Engineer, just a hobbyist. All of my knowledge comes from books, articles, youtube videos etc and I’m still learning everyday.

Also, I’m not (and not planning to be either) a commercial enterprise in any way, again, just a hobbyist.

Most of the modules you’ll find on this site are either inspired by, modded or straight up copy’s of design by other people I found on the internet. The PCB designs however, are my own. I’ve done my best to include links to the original designs / people.